St. Louis mayor flies Twitter coop after Elon Musk tells truth about Ferguson, ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ lie

Now that new owner Elon Musk has cleaned house at the social media giant, leftists are threatening to flee the platform to protest the return of […]

China sees widespread civil unrest over ‘devastating’ Covid lockdowns, police clash with fed-up protestors

The Chinese people are understandably fed-up with the CCP-controlled government’s so-called zero-COVID policy. Protests against the authoritarian regime by the typically compliant citizenry have erupted in financial […]

MSNBC anchor runs interference for Mayorkas, says House GOP ‘bullying’ him with impeachment ‘threat’

Brazenly covering for President Joe Biden’s failures has led some in corporate media to behave as though they were backed into a corner when the potential of […]

‘Heresy’: Cambridge dean claims student’s view that Jesus could have been transgender is ‘legitimate’

When Joshua Heath, a junior research fellow, ivered a guest sermon at Trinity College chapel at Cambridge during which he compared the side wound of Jesus to […]

Like a moth to a flame: Biden poses for ‘creepy’ selfie with young girls – the internet has a field day

Social media is abuzz over what happened this Thanksgiving weekend in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where President Joe Biden is currently vacationing. As the president was walking through the […]

Alyssa Milano boasts about trading in Tesla for VW; gets schooled on company’s Nazi history

The monthlong temper tantrum that was set off when billionaire Elon Musk’s $44 billion deal to buy social media giant closed drags on with celebs whining […]

MSNBC claims Georgia Senate runoff is designed to ‘keep black candidates out of office’

Democrat media operatives are loing for any way to spin the critical Georgia runoff election for the Peach State’s U.S. Senate seat as racist and MSNBC is […]

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