NYC Ed staffers use threat of deportation to silence Dominican teachers over high rent: report

New York City Department of Education members are effectively extorting Dominican teachers, forcing them to pay inordinate living costs over threats of being deported. Now, a middle […]

Elon Musk counters ‘woke’ left Twitter narrative with slides showing hate speech DOWN since his takeover

Despite claims otherwise from the establishment press, owner Elon Musk says the proliferation of so-called “hate speech” on is on the dec. The billionaire ostensibly […]

Justin Trudeau appears on drag queen show, says he is glad to be ‘fighting the good fight on the right side’

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has ruled his nation with an iron fist, showed his softer side when he dropped by to iver remarks to the […]

Ghislaine Maxwell’s appeal may fizzle if estranged hubby doesn’t pony up nearly $2 million in legal fees

The appeal of Jeffrey Epstein’s convicted gal pal, Ghislaine Maxwell, against her 20-year prison sentence may hinge on her estranged husband, who dumped her via a jailhouse […]

Here are 42 Biden administration officials on House Republicans’ accountability list

Republicans have been clamoring for investigations and accountability throughout President Joe Biden’s administration and with their slim margin gained from the midterms they have vowed to begin […]

TIPP: Engaging North Korea beyond sanctions will require new thinking

By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights A few days ago, North Korea successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which fell in the waters off the northern […]

Best political cartoons of the week: ‘Good news’ from Democrats not all that good

Cartoons of the day Cartoons of the week

JetBlue facing outrage over hiring violent felon to fly planes while rejecting the unvaxxed

JetBlue is facing outrage for refusing to hire the unvaccinated but being perfectly willing to hire violent felons. Violent felons like then-Air Force pilot John C. Perrys, […]

WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz torches her paper for opposing China’s ‘zero covid’ strategy, says US killing ‘millions’

The regrettably outspen and oft-mocked Washington Post journalist, Taylor Lorenz, has turned her scorn for all things sane on her own paper, blasting WaPo for pointing out […]

Biden bites tongue when asked about Nick Fuentes dining with Trump; former president offers update

Corporate media sought to extend the hubbub surrounding the reportedly uninvited Nick Fuentes dining with his “hero,” former President Donald Trump, Saturday when they pressed President Joe […]

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