Newt Gingrich rips GOP holdouts in speaker’s race: ‘The choice is Kevin McCarthy or chaos’

An exasperated Newt Gingrich torched the Republican holdouts who are standing in the way of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) ascension to the role of speaker of the […]

DOJ fixation on Jan. 6 prosecutions results in 99.8% conviction rate of Capitol protesters

The Department of Justice has been very successful in railroading and convicting over 900 protesters who have been charged with unlawfully storming the US Capitol on Jan. […]

Biden border crisis features eye-popping 2 million backlogged cases, 800K waiting on asylum hearings

The ripple effect of President Joe Biden’s open border crisis policies has led experts to decry the “man-made disaster of historic proportions” as the backlog in immigration […]

Texts suggest Trump advisor Hope Hicks angry over Jan 6 extremists: ‘We all look like domestic terrorists’

According to newly-released texts from the Jan. 6 inquisition, former White House aide Hope Hicks told a colleague in text messages during the protest on Capitol Hill […]

Aussie network slammed for ‘woke’ New Year’s Eve coverage; CNN’s Don Lemon makes ‘Azz’ of himself

ABC started 2023 with an outpouring of anger and disappointment from Australian viewers who blasted the network for its “we” New Year’s Eve coverage of Sydney’s celebration […]

Prince Harry says royal family has shown ‘absolutely no willingness to reconcile’ – after HE set terms

The very private and not at all attention-seeking Prince Harry added grist to the rumor mill in two separate upcoming interviews in which he claimed to […]

Parkland dad’s nonprofit group donating backpacks containing AR pistols for use in county schools

Anti-gun activists’ heads will than likely explode as Parkland father Andrew Pollack’s nonprofit teamed up with an organization to donate AR pistols and body armor to […]

ABC’s John Karl’s says heckling DeSantis not ‘a bad thing’ in fluff interview with first Gen Z Dem elected to Congress

ABC’s John Karl charged into 2023 carrying a bag full of Nerf balls for his interview with newly-elected progressive Congressman-elect Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.), during which he grilled […]

Christian leader says excavated biblical site where Jesus healed blind man ‘affirms scripture’

For the first time in two millennia, a biblical site said to be the location where Jesus Christ healed a blind man, is expected to be fully […]

Ex-Capitol Police chief questions security after Jan. 6, links failures to Pelosi’s influence

The former Capitol Police chief forced to resign following Jan. 6 is set to release his side of the story in a new bo warning nothing has […]

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