LeBron James shocks fans with show of support for NFL star QB after multiple sexual assault claims

Basketball legend LeBron James stepped in it once again on Sunday, getting hammered on for supporting Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, who was suspended for […]

McConnell to make joint appearance with President Biden in latest thumb in the eye to GOP voters

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will be doing himself no favors this week when he makes a rare joint appearance with President Joe Biden in his home […]

Meet the five woke economists debating how much Calif. taxpayers will have to dole out in ‘reparations’

How much taxpayers will be forced to pay black Californians in “reparations” for the “lingering negative effects” of slavery — a practice in which the state never […]

Biden feigns ignorance of upcoming election when asked in St. Croix about running: ‘I didn’t know that’

While upstate New York dug itself out of a deadly winter storm that killed than two dozen people in Buffalo alone, President Biden and his family […]

After 20 years, details of Saddam Hussein’s capture: ‘Then, a big Texan nails him in the mouth… President Bush sends his regards’

Nearly two decades after the capture of Saddam Hussein, a member of the operations unit offered his candid reflections on apprehending the dictator “you could feel…was just […]

Zelenskyy signs controversial bill increasing government control over media

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a controversial statute that expands his government’s power to regulate media groups and journalists, stirring fears of potential censorship and the squelching […]

Stunning jailbreak at Mexican border prison leaves 10 guards, 4 others dead, dangerous inmates at large

Fourteen people are dead after a brazen New Year’s Day jailbreak at a Mexican prison where gunmen in ard vehicles stormed the facility in a bloody incursion […]

‘This is a stunt’: Incoming Dem Congresswoman claims her ‘dreamer’ husband could face deportation if DREAM Act isn’t passed

Incoming Illinois Democratic congresswoman ia Ramirez will do well in D.C., if her willingness to use her husband and the power of the press to score political […]

Fox News host asks McCarthy holdout if he’s ‘holding up the agenda of the Republican Party’

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy needs 218 votes to become the next speaker of the House. The California Republican has yet to reach that threshold and with the […]

Companies asking applicants to leave off university names in the pursuit of ‘equity’

There are many fronts in the culture war working toward similar destructive ends with one being the war on merit that has stretched beyond the halls of […]

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