Atlanta Antifa suspect reportedly worked for CNN, is daughter of UK Foreign Office consultant and Chinese pharma tycoon

One of the Antifa suspects arrested during the violence that occurred in Atlanta concerning “Cop City” this week reportedly interned at both Reuters and CNN. She is […]

Watch 26-year-old hero wrestle gun away from alleged Monterey Park mass shooter

Brandon Tsay is a name all Americans should know after he risked his own life to disarm the suspected Monterey Park shooter, Huu Can Tran. Tsay is […]

Biden has become a real-life SNL parody, columnist explains why ‘utterly shameless-liar-in-chief’ has to go!

Columnist David Marcus let ‘er rip, nailing President Joe Biden and declaring that it’s time for him to go following his deepening classified document scandal and his […]

‘Just pretend to be fair!’ Jesse Watters slams CNN over disingenuous claim Antifa not violent in Atlanta

Fox News’s Jesse Watters to a shot at CNN for what proved to be a déjà vu moment over the weekend when a guest claimed that Antifa […]

Pence’s words come back to BITE, reaction pours in when classified docs discovered at former VP’s home

Former Vice President Mike Pence told Congress on Tuesday that he discovered a small number of classified documents at his home in Carmel, Indiana on Jan. 16 […]

Four arrested after LSU college sophomore fatally hit by car after alleged rape

Four men have been arrested in connection with the death of a 19-year-old LSU student as authorities allege the victim was raped before being left on the […]

Bill Maher’s attack on schools, declining culture correlates with Democrat’s hold on ‘indoctrination’, critics say

The common ground found over protecting kids from progressive ideologues has not only revealed strange bedfellows like comedian Bill Maher but also just how much the left […]

Hostile unhinged woman abuses cop, mimics sexual act, and hurls obscenities at Wisconsin officer

A police officer with the patience of a saint pulled over an unhinged Wisconsin woman for a suspended license and was treated to obscenities and her mimicking […]

Internet ‘influencer’ tries to smear innocent male gym-goer as a creep, backlash is swift and severe

Twitch influencer Jessica Fernandez has gotten herself into quite the pickle after attempting to smear a man who was just trying to help her out at the […]

A VERY annoyed Tom Brady drops two F-bombs when asked about his NFL future

There’s been a lot of speculation over whether Tom Brady, wiy seen as the greatest NFL quarterback to ever play the game, will return for another season […]

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