Andy McCarthy: Bragg’s case against Trump ‘hinges’ on ‘porn star,’ man with ‘deep credibility problems’

Fox News contributor and former assistant U.S. attorney to the Southern District of New York, Andy McCarthy, suggested that progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has some […]

‘Woke’ Disney to lay off thousands, orders managers to compile list of employees to cut

According to a source inside Disney, the entertainment giant has ordered managers/executives to prepare budget cuts and, notably, lists of employees to be laid off, with […]

Anti-capitalist MN teacher ‘loves’ it when students exhibit her lack of ‘respect for authority’

Much like queer theory itself is just a subset of Marxism, a Minnesota school teacher previously exposed for her alphabet activism also appeared to be a proponent […]

‘We need to be using our resources’: Biden admin mulls possible 20-year mining ban in South Dakota

In yet another example of “green” gone wrong, the Biden administration cried “climate change” once again and to an infuriating step closer to a 20-year ban on […]

Dramatic upswing of FBI terror watchlist suspects being arrested at southern border

Sixteen of the illegal aliens who crossed into the U.S. illegally in February were on the FBI’s terror watch list. This brings the total number of watch […]

Watch: Police shoot Calif. man after he calls them ‘pigs’, charges at them with steel bar

A routine DUI investigation turned deadly in California when a man “wielding a steel bar” charged the police shouting “Hey you f*ckin’ pigs…I hate you.” Warning: Graphic […]

Maxine Waters says Trump ‘does not deserve NOT to be arrested,’ labels his supporters ‘domestic terrorists’

The years-long dream of authoritarian Democrats to see former President Donald J Trump frog-marched off in handcuffs could be finally about to become a reality and leftists […]

NHL player cites Bible, faith in Jesus Crist to explain refusal to wear LGBTQ-themed jersey

An NHL player and his team are facing both praise and backlash over his decision to not participate in the league’s Pride Night celebration this Saturday. James […]

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is known for reducing felonies to misdemeanors – flips script on Trump

The alleged two-tiered system of justice stood out in bold amid reports former President Donald Trump may be indicted as Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s (D) record on […]

Mexican president says ‘disintegration’ of American families behind fentanyl crisis: ‘There’s a lack of love’

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pushed back on Thursday against claims that the open U.S. border with his nation — and the drug cartels that stream […]

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