Drag-show restaurant Hamburger Mary’s sues Florida, claims business took a big hit since kids aren’t allowed

An Orlando, Florida business named Hamburger Mary’s is carping that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new bill that prohibits children under the age of 18 from attending sexually explicit […]

Target holds ’emergency meeting’, reportedly ‘terrified’ of being ‘Bud Lighted’

Reportedly fearful of a “Bud Light situation,” Target has instructed some stores to move LGBTQ Pride merchandise away from the front of their locations after customer “outrage” […]

Victoria Secret model chronicles grandmother’s last days after she chose to be euthanized in Canada

A Victoria’s Secret mo chronicled her farewell visit to her grandmother in Canada as the elderly woman prepared to join the thousands utilizing the nation’s continually expanding […]

Ted Cruz schools AOC on Democrat Party’s ugly history of racism

There’s an old saying among those in the business of law, which is that you never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to […]

‘Satan respects pronouns’: Designer behind Target’s ‘Pride’ collection for kids reportedly a proud Satanist

In celebration of Gay Pride month, Target has made the potentially fatal we marketing blunder of partnering with UK-based satanic designer Abprallen whose designs proclaim that “Satan […]

Trans teens tap into ‘network of support’ hold first-ever transgender youth prom at US Capitol

A group of transgender teens was propped up and celebrated by Time in their efforts to hold the first-ever transgender youth prom at the United States Capitol. […]

Media rushes to slap ‘white supremacy’ narrative to U-Haul ramming into WH barricade … but there’s a twist

In a mind-boggling coincidence, following President Biden declaring white supremacy to be the biggest terrorist threat the United States faces, a man in a U-Haul truck crashed […]

‘Overwhelmed’: Surreal scenes as Chicago police stations transform into makeshift migrant shelters

In their city where progressive policies have already allowed crime to grow unchecked, video captured the latest challenge for Chicago police as the crisis at the southern […]

NBC Sports fires Oakland A’s announcer who let N-word slip during game broadcast

NBC Sports California has fired Oakland A’s announcer Glen Kuiper for using the N-word during a broadcast earlier this month. A veteran play-by-play broadcaster, Kuiper was talking […]

Police officers sue over handgun that allegedly fires on its own

Dozens of law enforcement officers have filed suit against firearms manufacturer SIG Sauer alleging injury after the weapon discharged without intent, even when holstered. Based out of […]

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