‘You can’t make this up!’ Biden’s speech HOURS after Hunter’s gun conviction sends heads to desks

The timing couldn’t be worse – or perfect, depending on one’s perspective. Hours after Hunter Biden was found guilty on federal charges after lying on a background […]

‘He’s the slimiest’: Bannon blasts ‘serpent’ Lindsey Graham over his latest Ukraine angle

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a neo-con who never met a military conflict that he didn’t , came up with a new reason to continue pouring billions of […]

Leftists cry foul over Trump’s ‘unusual’ pre-sentencing interview with NY probation officer

Former President Donald Trump reportedly met with the New York City Department of Probation for a pre-sentencing interview ahead of his sentencing scheduled for July 11. Following […]

‘I f—ing hate liberals’: Comedian Bill Burr does not mince words at leftist mecca

A comedian’s declaration before a crowd at the University of California, Berkeley stirred up a new spin on cancel culture and the First Amendment. “I f–king hate […]

‘Keep this monster behind bars’: Woman charged with stabbing 3-yr-old boy to death SMIRKS as judge reads charges

The evil smirk on the face of Bionca Ellis, the black woman charged with stabbing to death a 3-year-old white boy, as she stood in a Cuyahoga […]

‘Don’t fall for it’: Hunter Biden found GUILTY on all counts, but for some it’s not enough

Hunter Biden was found guilty on all counts in his federal gun trial, but many critics are saying that it’s not good enough. He was found guilty […]

Biden’s student loan handouts headed for a big backfire according to new poll

There’s little doubt that President Biden’s student loan handouts were a ploy to attract votes, but a new poll suggests that plan could backfire. As Democratic officials, […]

Stephanopoulos offers CNN one ‘very simple’ question to stump Trump during debate

George Stephanopoulos’ media circuit against the former president continued with one “very simple” question he’d camp out on during the upcoming debate. “If you can’t pass that […]

UN throws Biden a lifeline on Gaza ceasefire

Once again, the United Nations is sticking its globalist nose where it doesn’t belong, voting to approve President Biden’s Gaza ceasefire plan that is not publicly supported […]

Tucker: FBI ‘every bit the politicized secret police force you feared.’ So, why is GOP ‘rewarding’ them?

Newly revealed documents marked a potential “tipping point” and had Tucker Carlson suggesting one federal agency “is every bit the politicized secret police force you feared it […]

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