Erotic BeachSweat workout blends OnlyFans and Peloton for a sexy spin

Excerpt from New York Post It’s a calorie-burning feast for the eyes. The new exercise platform BeachSweat blends Peloton’s pizzazz with a spicy dash of OnlyFans. The […]

Stockton fire captain shot dead while responding to dumpster fire

Excerpt from ABC10 STOCKTON, Calif. — A veteran of theStockton Fire Department, Vidal “Max” Fortuna, diedMonday morningafter being shot while responding to a dumpster fire, Stockton Fire […]

California moves to dismantle nation’s largest death row, turning it to a ‘positive, healing environment’

Excerpt from AP News SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who three years ago placed a moratorium on executions, now is moving to dismantle the […]

DA drops Andrew Cuomo’s last sexual harassment criminal case

Excerpt from New York Post ALBANY — An upstate district attorney’s office is dropping its criminal investigation ofsexual harassment allegationsagainst Andrew Cuomo — shutting down the last […]

Transgender woman also identifies as a WOLF says she would not howl, bark at her job or in public

Excerpt from Daily Mail A woman who identifies as a wolf says that people often have ‘misconceptions’ about her’ spiritual and psychological’ life as an animal. Naia […]

N. Carolina man accused of teaching others how to make IEDs meant for killing law enforcement

Excerpt from Fox News ANorth Carolinaman is facingfederal chargesfor allegedly writing and distributing instruction manuals on how to make bombs – as well as how to booby-trap […]

Breyer retirement latest complication for Biden spending bill

Excerpt from The hill Supreme Court JusticeStephen Breyer’s plans to retire have thrown another curveball into the winding efforts to get the cornerstone ofPresident Biden’s agenda passed […]

Gay penguins at New York zoo become first-time dads

Excerpt from Daily Mail A same-sex penguin couple has become foster parents to a newborn hatchling in a first for an upstate New York zoo. Humboldt penguins […]

Trump calls for protests if prosecutors ‘do anything illegal’ in targeting him

Excerpt from The Hill FormerPresident Trumpon Saturday warned of “the biggest protest we have ever had” in the United States if prosecutors “do anything illegal” in their […]

Maus takes #1 best selling book slot on Amazon after Tennessee school district removed it

Excerpt from Mediaite Maus,Art Spiegelman’sPulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel, hit the top of ’s bestseller lists in multiple categories after a Tennessee school district removed it from their […]

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