Toy Story 3 scene goes viral after some audiences hear F-bomb

Did a voice actor drop an F-bomb in one of Disney’s most popular animated films? The scene in question is from “Toy Story 3” which was a […]

‘It’s biblical’: Clyburn on his decision to ignore Pelosi’s call for ‘new generation’

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., does not appear to be in any hurry to surrender the gains he has made as a leader of the Democratic […]

Chinese govt. censors World Cup feed so citizens won’t see maskless crowd as protests in China rage

Soccer fans in China have been watching a skewed version of the game — and of reality — as the Chinese government scrambles to keep them from […]

Kim Kardashian couldn’t bring herself to drop Balenciaga after a $25M suit was filed over ‘BDSM teddy bear’ ad

Fashion House Balenciaga has filed a whopping $25 million lawsuit against the producers of a perverted ad campaign that featured little girls holding teddy bears in bondage […]

Fmr. NFL great Terrell Owens knocks out heckler in front of CVS store

Former NFL great Terrell Owens was spotted in Southern California over the weekend taking matters into his own hands after crossing paths with a man who was […]

Odell Beckham Jr. kicked off plane; lawyer claims NFL star was victim of ‘overzealous flight attendant’

Star NFL wide receiver Ol Beckham Jr. made heads on Sunday after he was kicked off a plane at the Miami airport for allegedly being “in and […]

Fauci blames Trump for Chinese cover-up of Covid origins, he should not have accused them

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s time remaining in government is quickly coming to a close and with the next Congress promising investigations regarding the origins of COVID, he spent […]

Iran demands FIFA kick Team USA out of world cup after altered Iranian flag was posted on social media

Iran was triggered by micro-aggressions posted on by the American World Cup soccer team and demanded that the US be kicked out of tournament play. Was Iran […]

Schiff knocks McCarthy’s threat to remove him from Intel Committee

A defiant soon-to-be former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, scoffed at likely new Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s vow to strip him of his place on […]

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