BBC journalist covering lockdown protests in China arrested, allegedly ‘beaten and kicked’ by police

Amidst ongoing protests in China against the government’s draconian lockdowns, authorities attempted to spin the reported beating and arrest of a British journalist caught on camera. For […]

‘Piece off sh*t!’ Owner of iconic home in ‘A Christmas Story’ orders actor to ‘get the f–k out of here’

Holiday good cheer may have been lacking when the man who owns the iconic Cleveland house used in the filming of “A Christmas Story” confronted one of […]

Leftists ‘will lose their minds’: Musk shares photo of what’s on his bedside table

CEO Elon Musk is a master at marketing and he threw red meat to users early Monday morning by posting an image of “My […]

Will Smith says he can ‘absolutely respect’ those not ‘ready’ to move on from Oscar slap and see new film

Actor Will Smith says he ‘understands’ if people aren’t ready to see him in his new film after his infamous altercation at the Oscars with Chris Rock […]

‘He’s just not that into you’: Sen. Ed Markey tries to renew ‘feud’ after Elon Musk rejection

In many cases, the progressive left’s shift toward authoritarianism has been ham- than iron-fisted and after Elon Musk seemingly ignored a demand from Sen. Ed Markey […]

A thing of beauty: Warnock surrogate allegedly calls TN vet, who calmly guts her every talking point

While the midterm elections may be mostly behind us, they are still top of mind in Georgia, where early voting has already begun in the runoff between […]

Whole Foods to end lobster sales over environmental concerns, alleged threat to endangered whales

The Maine lobster industry finds itself in the withering wake of the we. As a result of unrelenting environmental activism, Whole Foods, with 503 stores nationwide, has […]

With no suspects in brutal stabbing deaths, restless Idaho community seeing a surge in 911 calls

Police are no closer to identifying the culprit behind the horrific quadruple homicide in Moscow, Idaho two weeks ago as the community becomes increasingly restless. The Moscow […]

Twisted teen arrested after turning to Instagram for help disposing of girl, 13, he allegedly just KILLED

Authorities have charged a Philaphia-area teenager with homicide after he allegedly implicated himself on social media in a murder. The 16-year-old suspect is currently detained at a […]

Outrage ensues when southern heritage group flies Confederate flag over NFL game

During the Jacksonville Jaguars game at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday, a group defiantly flew a banner from a plane displaying a Confederate flag that also read, […]

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