‘What the hell is going on?’ Candace Owens’ curiosity piques after death of 3rd cryptocurrency billionaire

The unexpected deaths of a number of cryptocurrency businessmen are being loed upon by many with great skepticism, including conservative commentator Candace Owens who is asking, “That […]

‘Great news’: Deadline for Biden admin to appeal transgender mandate quietly passes

Religious liberty groups are celebrating as the November 25th dead to appeal a federal court ruling that struck down a mandate that would force doctors to perform […]

Woke woman argues naked men should be allowed to read to children, and folks have thoughts!

There have been a number of bad takes when it comes to drag queens and children, but one woman in Canada may be loing to run away […]

Families of Iran’s World Cup players threatened ahead of US match if they don’t ‘behave’: report

The Islamic Republic of Iran has threatened the families of the country’s World Cup soccer team with imprisonment and torture if the players fail to “behave” ahead […]

Controversy surrounding Balenciaga and disturbing allegations get SO much worse

Balenciaga may have canceled its ad campaign over blatant depictions of children juxtaposed with BDSM, but after the initial fiery backlash brought the brand to issue an […]

‘Tell me you’re compromised…’ WH slammed for pathetic response to freedom protests in China

President Joe Biden will not speak for protesters in China who are chanting in support of “freedom.” During a press briefing with White House press secretary Karine […]

Hunter’s love child snubbed AGAIN in Biden Christmas display, even dog and cat get stockings

For the second year in a row during first lady Jill Biden’s unveiling of the White House Christmas decorations, the stocking display over the fireplace is noticeably […]

Warnock’s former church repeatedly featured black supremacist professor accused of anti-Semitism

While corporate media has remained aghast at former President Donald Trump’s recent and allegedly unplanned meeting with controversial figures Kanye West and Nick Fuentes, the same pearl-clutching […]

‘The public deserves to know’: Musk vows release of Twitter Files detailing free speech suppression

Free speech absolutist Elon Musk threatens to upset the entire apple cart by exposing just how far-reaching the efforts have been to silence voices on the right, […]

Adam Kinzinger inadvertently prompts Pepe the Frog meme explosion after smearing Elon Musk

While there are few certainties in politics one thing that can be counted on is that outgoing U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., will glom onto the latest […]

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