‘You’re leaving?’ Tim Pool’s podcast with Kanye West goes off the rails

Rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West continues to be confronted over his recent inflammatory remarks, storming off of a podcast after he was prodded over what many have […]

Elon Musk lands the perfect comeback after CNN fails to shame him for satirical tweet

Every move CEO Elon Musk makes, including his jes, set social media on fire and causes leftists to melt down including his latest jab at CNN […]

‘WATCH this’: Most compelling testimonies against certification, before Maricopa Co certified

Concerned citizens came out in force Monday to voice their opposition to the certification of the Arizona election, offering a rundown of the myriad reasons that led […]

AZ officials certify results ‘under duress’ and alleged threat of arrest; Kari Lake sounds off!

Monday marked the dead for Arizona’s 15 counties to report the November 8 election results to the Secretary of State’s Office and one county failed to meet […]

Mike Lindell is ‘100 percent’ running for RNC chairman — Noem suggests it’s time for a change

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has taken fire for the disastrous midterm elections when the predicted “red wave” failed to occur and now faces a challenge for her […]

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