Hakeem Jeffries won’t go there when CNN’s Dana Bash talks Fox News boycott

After penning a letter to Fox News’ head Rupert Murdoch with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) complaining of the network’s alleged “false election narratives,” House Minority […]

‘Rule #1’: Elon Musk responds to UK health official’s alleged email about ‘deploying the new variant’

Behold the Lockdown Files! Recently, a British anti-lockdown journalist, Isabel Oakeshott, leaked to The Telegraph than 100,000 messages reportedly sent between British ministers, officials and […]

Lee Zeldin says GOP ‘did not earn’ midterm red wave, explains what party should do

Speaking at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, former Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin outd what he believes to be the exact reason thatRepublicans “did not earn a […]

‘Nobody would vote for you anyways’: Larry Hogan announces he will not run in 2024 GOP ‘pileup’

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan cares deeply about the Republican Party. He cares about the Party than he does about his own future. So, in what […]

Motorcyclist in Florida seen on dashcam flipping cop off, before getting leveled by truck

A Florida motorcyclist learned the meaning of “instant karma” after dashcam footage captured the harrowing moments seconds after he flipped off deputies while blowing through a red […]

NPR boosts mobile billboards on college campuses selling abortion pills ‘delivered to your door’

To celebrate Women’s History Month, one 501(c)(3) “education nonprofit” organization is flooding conservative states and college campuses with mobile billboards touting the availability of abortion pills, “even […]

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren tells Trump not to ‘fight’ Ron DeSantis: ‘We need him’

Now that the primary season is beginning to really heat up, there are some who have expressed concerns about former President Donald J. Trump’s increasingly nasty attacks […]

Baby said to be ‘stillborn’ discovered in port-a-potty at San Francisco homeless ‘safe-sleeping site’

The San Francisco Fire Department confirmed that, last January, they found a stillborn baby abandoned in a port-a-potty at a city-sanctioned safe-sleeping homeless encampment. “San Francisco called […]

‘Boldness… in a very big way’: Trump introduces plan to build new ‘freedom cities’ on federal land

Former President Donald Trump introduced a plan for “freedom cities” to bring back American “boldness…in a very big way” as he laid out his vision toward a […]

AZ’s Kari Lake leading vote getter in CPAC straw poll to be Trump’s running mate

A poll conducted at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference found that a majority of attendees would prefer failed 2022 Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake as their […]

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