‘I’m the expert in the room!’ PhD fumes when room laughs at his gender claim

The remarkable — and perhaps unforgivable — thing about the transgender craze is that the medical industry plays along with the concept of “gender-affirming care,” which is […]

Best political cartoons: What caught ‘red-handed’ really means

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

Gun control, LGBTQ+ activists storm state Capitols — Just don’t say the ‘i’ word

In case you were wondering whether our world has flipped upside-down, gun control activists joined trans activists — complete with their own horned “ShaThem” — and stormed […]

Snarky McCarthy teases Biden with ‘soft food’ to bring him to debt ceiling negotiating table

While the political indictment of Donald Trump, the most persecuted man in modern American history, dominated the news cycle late Thursday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy held a […]

‘Stalinist Pelosi’: Nancy slammed for Soviet-style take on Trump persecution

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi was among the parade of Democrats who rejoiced after the news bre that a New York City grand jury had indicted former President […]

Dershowitz floats idea for Trump to spin Bragg’s ‘foolish’ indictment in his favor: ‘May help him win’

Legal icon — and self-avowed liberal — Alan Dershowitz has a suggestion for the now-indicted Donald Trump: Turn his mug shot into his 2024 presidential campaign poster. […]

‘Gloves are off’: GOP fumes, Dems rejoice over Trump indictment as nation enters banana republic territory

Democrats could not contain their giddiness over the indictment of former President Trump, turning the law on its head and officially entering banana republic territory as they […]

Karine Jean-Pierre claims trans community is under attack and it goes so horribly wrong for her

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre proved massive backlash Thursday when she portrayed the transgender community as victims only days after a “transgender man” committed a mass […]

DeSantis does not hold back in swift and decisive reaction to Trump indictment

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was roundly criticized by Trump supporters for not responding to their satisfaction to rumors of a possible indictment of the former president, but […]

Trump reportedly indicted on more than THIRTY counts as NYC grand jury throws the kitchen sink at GOP frontrunner

More details have emerged on the stunning indictment of former President Donald J. Trump by a New York City grand jury which, according to CNN, has thrown […]

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