Manchin lays out specific requirements for him to support Biden’s child-tax credit

Sen. Joe Manchin laid down another marker regarding President Joe Biden’s massive $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” bill, saying he will only support a child tax credit […]

Pentagon faces major class-action lawsuit over vaccine mandate from military, federal workers, contractors

The Defense Department is facing a massive class-action lawsuit by military members from all service branches as well as federal workers and civilian contractors over its COVID-19 […]

60 percent of DC’s Metro line expected to be out of service Monday after derailment

Washington, D.C.’s Metro rail will only operate at about 40 percent capacity on Monday as part of an ongoing investigation into a recent derailment, according to […]

AW’s top cartoons of the day: The weakest link

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

Two conservatives quit Biden’s Supreme Court amid allegations of bias

Two conservatives on the bipartisan Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court have resigned as the panel released its first report containing reform recommendations earlier this week. Meanwhile, […]

NYPD’s ride to raise awareness about veteran suicides returns following COVID-related break

NYPD Mounted Unit officers will escort veterans along a 20-mile stretch through Manhattan via horseback on Saturday to bring awareness to the problem of increased military suicides […]

Former top Obama aide tells Biden to stay out of Jan. 6 subpoena fight

David Axelrod, a former top political adviser to President Barack Obama, said Friday that Joe Biden ought to abstain from making regarding the Jan. 6 committee […]

Key Dem senators raise big money ahead of tough reelection fights next year

A number of Democratic senators expected to face tough reelection campaigns during next year’s midterms have managed to raise large amounts of money as they fight to […]

Fox News’ Baier presses Buttigieg on supply chain crunch after reports he was on paternity leave for weeks

Fox News anchor Bret Baier pressured Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to explain what he and the administration are doing to solve a burgeoning supply chain crisis and […]

ISIS-K claims responsibility for mosque attack in Kabul that killed dozens

The group ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for a deadly suicide attack on a mosque in southern Afghanistan Friday that left dozens of people dead, reports noted. According […]

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